5 Backyard Tips That Your Dogs Will Love


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El Paso Animal Shelter
November 03, 2022

The majority of dogs love to spend time outdoors. Especially in the summer months, creating a safe, secure, shaded backyard for your dog is crucial for any dog that spends time outside. Here are five backyard tips that your dog (and you) will love!

1. Create a Peephole

If you already have privacy fencing, you may want to add a peephole for your dog to look through. Not only will he be mentally stimulated by watching the activity happening on your block, it may decrease any barking behavior if he can see what’s on the other side of your fence. Keep in mind that it’s best to face the peephole towards the street as a courtesy to your neighbors, especially if they have dogs as well. Either your dog or their dog is dog-aggressive, seeing your dog through the peephole may start a barking war and increase aggressive behaviors.

2. Create a Lounge Area

Most dogs are content to stretch out in the dirt, dust, and mud, but when you want to enjoy some downtime in the backyard with your dog, you might want somewhere to relax. Consider adding an outdoor lounge area! Having somewhere comfortable to relax will encourage you to spend more time outside with your dog, as well as will add to the overall aesthetic of your home and yard. Consider adding features like a hammock or a deck where you can enjoy summer afternoons stretched out in the sun with your pup. Before installing a deck, be sure to compare the advantages of wood vs composite decking.

3. Plant Sturdy Grass

Almost all dogs love to roll around in the grass. Having a sturdy variety of grass that can withstand a good deal of traffic will give your dog somewhere comfortable to play, as well as eliminate the muddy paw prints he might track in the house. Research the types of grass that grow best in your climate, as well as the amount of sun and shade your yard gets throughout the day. You may need to block off sections of your yard while your grass is growing to keep your dogs away from it as it begins to sprout, but the temporary inconvenience is worth seeing your dog happy and rolling in fresh, green grass!

4. Secure Your Yard

If you want to let your dog spend time outside on his own, you will need to ensure that your fence is secure. Walk along your fence line and check for any weak spots, holes, or cracked posts that could harm your dog or even allow for him to escape. A tall privacy fence is one of the safest, most secure fences for homes with dogs. However, if you have a dog that tends to chew heavily, your dog may start to chew on the posts, as they are the most accessible and prominent parts of your fence. You may want to consider brick or stone fence post alternatives.

5. Add Shade

Especially in climates with warmer weather, shade is absolutely imperative for any dog who spends any amount of time outside. Add some shade to your yard by planting fast-growing shade trees or add a covered pergola to your yard.

As pet owners, we want to see our dogs happy. Creating a happy, safe, clean environment for your dog to run, play, and relax will improve his overall wellbeing, as well as increase the value of your home, not to mention having an appealing outdoor space will encourage you to get outside and enjoy the summer sun!

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